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Designing, Predicting, Collecting, Creating March 6, 2010

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Here’s what’s been capturing my attention lately:

  • I am a bit obsessed with meal planning and making grocery lists. These Food Mood Menus from GOOD make me wish I had better Photoshop/graphic design skills. I love the idea of pulling this out of a kitchen drawer and making a domestic chore into inspired work.
  • I bet Clifford Stoll is a little embarrassed about this Newsweek article he wrote back in 1995, disparaging the Internet as a passing fad. “The truth is,” he writes, “no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works.” And to that I say: Christian Science Monitor, online learning, and Barack Obama, baby.
  • My man and I try to make it to the San Diego County Fair once every couple of years to get our fill of all things corny, tacky and deep-fried. BY FAR my favorite part of the fair is the ‘collections’ exhibit, which is tucked away in a dusty corner of the Fairgrounds. Talk about getting your strange on (I think my favorite collection of all time was last year’s assemblage of dog hair, although “Items Found at Bus Stops” was intriguing, as well). Happily, I’ve discovered I can get my collection fix any day of the year over at A Collection A Day.  (I had to wonder, though — what does this girl’s house look like with all that flotsam and jetsam hanging around? AMAZING, it turns out (proof that collections can be displayed tastefully … and need not land you on an episode of “Hoarders”).
  • Oh, how I love this necklace (pictured) from Ruche. My great-grandmothers did tatting and crocheted lace doilies, and I bet I could fashion something similar from their cast-offs, along with a little help from Denise Bonaimo’s Frankenstein Jewelry Lab. If you live in the San Diego area, check out her studio at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park. I fell in love the second I walked in.
  • Designer friends, surfer friends, architect friends, eco-minded friends, friends with just plain good ideas: 20 bucks and a little creativity could make you a hero in Southern California. Trestles needs you!


One Response to “Designing, Predicting, Collecting, Creating”

  1. Allyson Says:

    Your blog makes me want to visit Denise’s studio to check out her jewelry designs. Thanks for sharing this, and glad to see that you are writing in your blog again. =)

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