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Deconstructing “Things That Suck” November 15, 2008

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New York Magazine called the “Things That Suck” blog/list “perceptive,” which made me instantly curious. Certainly there is a lot of suckage there that no one will argue with (“toothaches” “earthquakes” and “John Tesh” are pretty safe bets) and some items on the list (“pretentious middle initials,” “condiment crust”) are right on the mark. But I beg to differ on a few points:

  • Deadlines (without them, I would be completely unproductive)
  • Seafood (crazy talk)
  • Helvetica (is there anything less offensive than Helvetica?)
  • The Grinch (he was suffering from depression … cut the guy a break)
  • Biscotti (really? even the chocolate-covered kind with the almonds?)
  • Sentences that end in a preposition (sometimes, there’s just no way around. It.)
  • Broccoli (oh, grow up)

Some additional things that suck:howie-mandel1

  • Televisions that require a complicated series of remote-control maneuvers just to turn them on
  • Clogged drains
  • Potty humor
  • Earbud cords
  • Pistachios that have no opening in the shell
  • Long flights
  • Howie Mandell
  • One-issue voters
  • Car alarms
  • Having to use a debit card to pay for a stamp
  • Elaborately carving a pumpkin, only to have it mold two days later
  • Drycleaning
  • People who whistle

Someone Pays Money for This

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Remember being a kid, and painstakingly nibbling your peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the shape of Pac-Man (or Picasso’s Guernica … whatever)? It turns out you were a budding artist,  only you didn’t know it yet.

I so have the wrong job.